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It is clear that the price of a MacBook is not cheap when compared to Windows laptop models with comparable configurations. However, many people still fall for MacBook products. MacBooks What is the reason why the MacBook can attract so much attention from enthusiasts? Let’s find out together!

1. What is the price of a MacBook?

Basically, there is no specific price for the question of how much the MacBook costs. Because, in fact, it depends on the version, configuration, and other options. However, when compared to the average price of current laptop models, the MacBook is slightly more expensive. Currently, on the market, the price of a MacBook ranges from 20 million to 95 million VND (depending on the model).

Typical in the mid-range price segment of the “big Apple family” is the laptop MacBook Air M2, a worthwhile choice for users with office use or basic video editing purposes. The device is highly appreciated for its powerful M2 chip, immersive screen experience, and impressive battery life. Currently, this product is being offered by ShopDunk to users at prices ranging from 27,490,000 VND to 38,990,000 VND (depending on the configuration version).

MacBook Air M2 2022 is completely “overhauled” in design by Apple

As for the higher segment, such as the 14-inch MacBook M2 Max, prices range from VND 73,750,000 to VND 92,000,000 (depending on the configuration version).

Of course, at each price point and in each configuration version, the device is aimed MacBooks at different target users and needs. Therefore, depending on your own needs, you can consider choosing the most suitable model for you.

The price of 14-inch MacBook Pro M2 Max is up to 92 million VND

2. Why is the MacBook expensive?

Despite its higher price tag than comparable Windows models, the MacBook is still preferred and appreciated by countless users for the following reasons:

2.1. Super durable hardware

Not only on MacBooks but even on iPhone models, being equipped by Apple with a super durable hardware combination is an important factor, helping the device to operate extremely stable after 5 or even 10 years of use.

What’s more, the company regularly launches new models for users with performance upgrades. Besides, an update of useful features on its MacOS operating system allows the device to compete fairly with Windows laptop models on the market.

2.2. Long battery life

In fact, Apple’s well-optimized hardware and software are an important foundation for providing users with an impressive battery experience when compared to current Windows models.

Furthermore, Apple’s newer MacBook models include silicon, which provides MacBooks longer continuous battery life. Of course, the performance of the battery depends on the needs and usage habits of the user.

The ability to optimize battery life is extremely impressive on MacBook models

2.3. Easy to use

In fact, with each new macOS update, Apple offers users a more modern and convenient interface. MacBooks often have a friendly layout, and operations or navigation are also very easy to get used to.

In addition, the Apple House is sophisticated in the processing and finishing of its products. Normally, a MacBook is quite light in weight; users can easily carry. It with them or put it in a backpack without any problems.

2.4. Brand value

So far, Apple has been widely known as a “big man” in the technology circle. Over time, the Apple family has solidified its position by offering a diverse range of high-quality products and cutting-edge services that are well received by a large number of users. In general, this has helped enhance MacBooks Apple’s brand value significantly.

The brand value of Apple has been shaped by the market

Above are the reasons why the MacBook is expensive, but many people still love it. If you want to experience more MacBook models, don’t forget to visit the MacBook Air category of ShopDunk. Apple’s Official Authorized Retailer in Vietnam!  

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