Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024
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Robocalls are an unrelenting nuisance that plague millions of people worldwide. Despite efforts by regulators to curb illegal robocalling, consumers still receive billions of unwanted calls every year. Thankfully, there are call bomber apps that can help you fight back against robo callers and telemarketers.

What is a Call Bomber App?

A call bomber application is designed to bombard a phone number with calls to prevent that number from making outbound calls. When targeted by a call bombing campaign, robocall operations can be severely disrupted as their lines become flooded with incoming calls.

Most call bomber apps work by generating and dialing random phone numbers continuously. Even if the calls don’t connect, they will still tie up the receiving end’s phone lines. This makes it extremely difficult for robocall centers to make any outgoing calls of their own.

Benefits of Using a Call Bomber

There are several advantages to using a call bombing service against unwanted callers:

  • Stops robocalls at the source: By flooding robocall phone lines, you prevent further calls from taking place. This targets illegal callers directly while protecting other potential victims.
  • Acts as robocall revenge: After dealing with endless harassment, a call bomber app lets consumers fight back and dish out some payback. The cathartic feeling of bombarding a robocaller is sweet revenge.
  • Costs robocallers time and money: Robocalling takes resources, with phone numbers, calling time, and dialing systems costing money. Tying up these assets cuts into a robocaller’s bottom line.
  • Gets robocaller phone numbers shut down: If a phone number makes too many calls and gets flagged by carriers as abusive, it can get deactivated. By triggering such responses, call bombers can take robocall numbers permanently out of commission.

Top Call Bomber Apps

There are a variety of call bomber services available as website tools or mobile apps. Here are some top choices:


BombIt is a popular website tool that randomly generates and dials phone numbers through an auto-dialer. All you need to do is enter the target phone number and configure settings like the call volume and duration. BombIt presents an easy, hassle-free way to launch high-volume call campaigns.

Call Flooder

As another web-based dialer, Call Flooder requires only the target’s phone number and calling details. It offers a clean, straightforward interface to start a call bombing run within seconds. Users praised Call Flooder for its reliability at sustaining an influx of many simultaneous calls.


Unlike other choices limited to phone numbers, SpoofTel enables call bombing through both voice calls and SMS messages. The range of options allows flexibility in attacking targets. Users do have to purchase credits to unlock unlimited usage.

Robo Revenge

This call bombing app stands out with a huge variety of customization settings. Users can configure multiple target numbers, detailed schedules, spoofing options, and more. Such flexibility helps maximize the impact of call bombing campaigns. The free-to-download app does limit usage and encourage in-app purchases.


As the name suggests, StrikeBack focuses squarely on getting revenge against harassing callers. It presents users with an incredibly easy interface requiring only a target number to launch high-volume attacks. StrikeBack also spoofs numbers to prevent blowback against users. The app’s stellar user ratings cement its popularity.

Legal Considerations of Call Bombing

While call bombers promise cathartic payback against robocalls, users should be aware of certain legal issues:

  • Target verification: Only target callers confirmed to make illegal robocalls. Never call bomb legitimate numbers as that constitutes telephonic harassment.
  • Use at your own risk: Call bombing occupies a legal gray area, so users assume responsibility for any consequences. Apps try to protect identity but offer no guarantees.
  • No spoofing: Spoofing caller ID information is illegal in many places. Users shouldn’t disguise identities when call bombing.
  • Respect cease & desist requests: If targeted callers request cease and desist, users should stop call bombing to avoid potential lawsuits.

So while call bombing can stop robocalls, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Confirm targets make verified illegal calls, don’t spoof numbers, and consult lawyers before seeking robocall revenge.

Fight Back Against Robocalls

Unwanted robocalls remain a severe nuisance impacting millions worldwide. Thankfully, innovative call bomber apps empower consumers to disrupt disruptive robocallers. These dialer tools can significantly curb outbound calls and even permanently take abusive numbers out of service.

By flooding robocaller phone lines with call bombardments, ordinary people can achieve cathartic payback. Of course, users should selectively target verified illegal calling centers and avoid legal risks like spoofing. With responsible usage, call bombers can help win the war against robocalls.

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