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The phone number 02045996879 may seem like any other number, but it holds special meaning and significance. This article explores why this particular number is important and delves into its background.

Geographic Location of 02045996879

The 020 area code belongs to London, United Kingdom. Specifically, 020 numbers are tied to the following locations:

  • Greater London
  • City of London
  • West End of London

So we know 02045996879 is a London-based number. The middle digits provide further clues into who this number is registered to and where in London they may be located, although that information is not publicly listed.

Significance of Leading Digits

While the 020 prefix places this number squarely in London, the leading digits 02045 hold additional meaning. Numbers beginning with 02045 are designated as landline phone numbers by Ofcom, the government agency that regulates telecommunications in the UK.

The 02045 prefix generally denotes a fixed-line phone number registered to an individual or business rather than a mobile device or toll-free number. We can deduce that 02045996879 is tied to a specific physical location in London.

Potential Owners and Usage

02045996879 falls within number ranges managed by major phone carriers like BT and Virgin. Without a complete public listing, we unfortunately cannot pinpoint the exact owner or user of this particular number.

However, we can speculate logical owners, both individual and commercial, based on the 02045 landline designation:


  • Small shops
  • Cafes & restaurants
  • Local professional services
  • Offices


  • Flats/apartments
  • Townhomes

Likely usage scenarios for this number include:

  • Incoming/outgoing calls with customers
  • Appointment bookings/reservations
  • General inquiries

There are endless possibilities – it could be tied to just about any legal London enterprise or residence.

Why Determine Ownership andUsage?

But why does ownership and usage matter for this specific eleven-digit phone number?

For individuals or businesses publishing a contact phone number in ads, on websites, or other promotional materials, discoverability matters. Numbers that spell out a specific word or contain a special personal meaning or date have increased memorability.

While 02045996879 does not immediately appear connected to a dates or places, understanding the geography and characteristics behind the first 6 digits provide context into who might respond on the other end if we were to call this number.

Without additional details, the possibilities are broad. And in a large metropolitan area like London with millions of residents and businesses, nearly every phone number has someone behind it.

How to Learn More About 02045996879

If we want to conclusively uncover who owns 02045996879 but how its used, there are methods beyond speculation:

  • Reverse phone lookup – There are some public and paid reverse phone lookup services that can match numbers to names and addresses, providing you register and pay a fee. However, landline numbers typically have greater privacy protections than mobiles.
  • Ask the owner – The simplest yet most uncertain method is calling 02045996879 and asking whoever answers who they are and why they use that particular number. This risks interrupting an individual or business uninvited.
  • Number assignment databases – Telecommunication authorities like Ofcom manage number assignment and allocation. They likely hold the most complete registration records detailing who owns which blocks of phone numbers and where. However public access to these databases is restricted.

Unless the owner publicly lists 02045996879 as a contact number alongside identifying details, uncovering who owns this specific number remains challenging without special access. Despite limitations, by analyzing the 020 region code and 02045 prefix, we can broadly characterize where it’s registered and potential usage scenarios.

The phone number 02045996879 is tied to central London, likely a landline number registered to an individual or business rather than a mobile or toll-free number. And like with any number assigned to the busy 020 area code, someone stands behind 02045996879, using it daily but to make and receive calls connecting life and business throughout the beating heart of London.

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